Universal Theme Parks in Orlando

3 Must-Visit Spots in Orlando

Orlando is one of the best vacation spots for kids, families, and young adults looking to spend their summers the luxurious way. The city has everything to offer: a warm climate, exceptional cuisine, opportunities to meet and network with new people, and an incredibly welcoming environment for all. While airport shuttle services from Orlando airport to your hotel can help you get all settled into the city, here are three spots you must check out if you’re in Orlando.

The Universal Studios, Orlando

If you’re a theme park fan, Orlando is just the right place for you to check theme parks off your bucket list. The Universal theme parks are one of the primary reasons families from all over the USA prefer traveling to Orlando, Florida, at least once a year, especially during summertime.

The Universal Studios theme park is an amalgamation of a park and a filming studio, designed to create a unique and interactive filming experience for visitors and filming crews. The highlights of these parks include the massive roller-coasters, water slides, and VR rides that are worth standing in line for.

From Jurassic Park to Harry Potter and City Park, there are various theme parks to explore in Universal Studios, Orlando. In fact, you may want to reserve at least three days to fully experience each park and make some great memories while out in Orlando, Florida.

Walt Disney World Parks

We’ve all dreamed of being in a Disney movie at least once in our lifetime. Thanks to the Walt Disney World Parks in Orlando, it’s now possible to make this dream come true. In fact, the Disney World Resort is what truly makes Orlando the ultimate vacation spot in the US.

It has four parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Apart from its truly magical rides, these parks are an excellent place to collect Disney souvenirs, watch some magnificent fireworks above Cinderella’s castle, and attend its popular parade at night.

It’s safe to say that the Walt Disney World Parks are the ultimate Orlando spot for all kids and adults to equally bring out their inner children and have the best time together.

Orlando Sea World

Lastly, if you’re interested in life under the sea, you should definitely visit Orlando Sea World at least once. This place consists of a wide range of incredibly large aquariums to take a closer look at marine life. People often visit this place for its pools, water rides, and dolphin and whale shows.

Guests were once allowed to feed the dolphins at Sea World. However, they can now only interact with them and pet them when visiting Sea World.

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