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3 Things to Check Before Going to the Airport

Air travels, despite being a convenient and seamless form of transportation, come with a lot of rules, protocol, and preparation requirements. Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, it’s always critical to double-check everything you need to navigate through the airport without difficulty. Having all the documents and the right items in your luggage can significantly simplify your boarding process. While our airport shuttle services at TPA Shuttles continue to facilitate passengers trying to make it to the Orlando and Tampa airport on time, here are three things you should check before you head out to the airport.

Your Boarding Pass and Passport

One thing that’ll allow you to get through the boarding gate into the airplane will be your boarding pass. While most people stand in long boarding pass booths to have their passes printed at the airport, you can also save this time by printing yours at home ahead of time.

If you’ve chosen to generate your boarding pass at home, it’s the first thing that you should check before leaving for the airport. In fact, try keeping the boarding pass safe somewhere like your wallet or your carry-on bag, where you can easily access the pass whenever you need it.

Similarly, it’s important to check if you’ve kept your passport safely if you’re traveling internationally. You won’t be able to make it to your flight without your passport. Therefore, make sure you either keep it safely in your bag or in your hand so that you don’t lose it on your way to the airport.

Your Luggage

Another thing to check before going to the airport is your luggage. Read the airline company’s luggage policy and baggage limit before heading out. Determine how much you’ll need to pay for exceeding baggage weight and keep the amount ready with you.

Similarly, make sure you know which bag to carry with you into the plane. If you’ve booked an airport shuttle service, don’t forget to learn about their policies about boarding with luggage. At TPA Shuttles, you can board with one standard size bag and a personal item.

Your Airport Shuttle Service Reservation

Lastly, if you’ve booked an airport shuttle service to get to the airport, you should have your reservation number with you. With TPA Shuttles, you can make an online reservation to secure your spot in one of our luxury shuttles. Ensure you show the driver your reservation number before getting into the shuttle.

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