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5 Traveling Tips for Nervous Flyers

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there were 68.1 million passengers that traveled domestically and internationally in 2021. Flying is the gateway to adventures but is also a source of anxiety for many. Several people in a circle of friends and family are always panicking about their next flight. From getting to the airport on time to a turbulent flight, they can find a lot of things to be nervous about.

There are ways to ease that anxiety, such as taking an airport shuttle service, learning relaxation techniques, etc. Let’s look at some of them to see how you can get rid of that nervousness before your flight.

Use A Shuttle Ride To Get To The Airport

Most of the traveler’s anxiety comes from not reaching the airport on time. This can spiral into even more troubling thoughts. This is why 25% of the US population has travel anxiety. Battling that anxiety starts early on. If you’re traveling via air and are a nervous flyer, you should start by hiring a reliable airport shuttle service. Hiring an airport car service will take a lot of your troubles away.

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The Benefits of Shuttle Service

There are several benefits of hiring a shuttle service:

  • They get you to the airport on time. When you’re traveling by yourself in a new city, you might not know the best routes to take to get to the airport for your flight on time. On the other hand, even if you’re traveling in your local city, a shuttle service will help. Once you’ve booked the ride, you’ll be more aware of the time and be on time.
  • They are convenient. You can get the airport shuttle to the hotel or your home and vice versa. Public transport is even worst to deal with in the winter. Shuttle services have professional drivers and luxury vehicles for a comfortable ride.
  • Safety is always a priority. Airport shuttle services prioritize punctuality and safety. Professional drivers avoid speeding, and they also get you to the airport in a safe, responsible manner.
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Reserve Your Preferred Seat

Sitting in your preferred seat will help you stay settled during a flight. Try to reserve your favorite seat when you book a ticket. Some people like distracting themselves with a view, while others avoid looking out at all. It might not be easy if you’re going directly to the airport and purchasing the ticket then and there. Emergencies happen, and some people need to get a ticket last minute. Getting your preferred seat might be difficult. It’s best to get there as early as you can from your flight. Airport car services can help you get to the airport at the time you prefer.

Sleep Through the Flight

When you arrive at the airport relaxed from a luxury and safe shuttle service, all that’s left to do is get on the plane and find a way to relax during the flight. Free from the anxiety of not arriving on time and luggage not fitting in the car, you just have to get through the flight. A good way to do this is to get some sleep. Bring an eye mask, headphones, and some relaxing music to drift off to sleep.

Find a Flexible Airport Shuttle Service

Not all airport shuttle services are flexible. If you’re taking an airport shuttle and are already a nervous flyer, don’t do anything that will make you nervous, and that means using a service that won’t be flexible. Thousands of flights get delayed or canceled; you’ll need a shuttle service that offers flexibility. Shuttle services that offer flexibility will put you at ease.

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Learn Relaxation Techniques

A problem nervous flyers face, especially during take-offs and landings, is the quickness of breath. If you breathe too fast, you lose carbon dioxide and are at the risk of having spasms. The best way to get over it is to learn some relaxation techniques. Try a few breathing techniques and keep practicing in the airport car service and when you’re waiting at the airport for the flight.

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