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Beat the Jetlag—Advice from the Experts

Humankind was not meant to fly at high speeds across the sky; otherwise, we’d evolve to have wings. Ergo, we get jetlag. Jetlag can hit people at varying degrees, some not at all (lucky them). Fortunately, the experts and researchers get them, too, which is why they’ve come up with multiple ways to beat it. From hiring airport car service to working out when to sleep, let’s take a look at what advice they have to give.

Work On Your Sleep

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Some people don’t adjust their sleeping times correctly, which is why they feel worse than others. According to the experts, if it’s daytime at your destination, avoid sleeping on the plane and instead spend it working, relaxing, or finding something to entertain yourself. Most people sleep better in their beds than anywhere else. If you have a trip planned for a long time and know you’ll be entering a different time zone, you can start the sleeping time at home. If it’s going to be nighttime when you reach your destination, get some sleep on the plane too. A few things that’ll help you relax on the plane are:

  • Eye mask
  • Soothing music or white noise
  • Comfortable travel-pillows
  • Earplugs

Hire An Airport Car Service

When you deboard the plane and come out of the airport, that jetlag is going to hit you hard. Driving while you’re exhausted is dangerous, and even the statistics agree. Around 9.5% of car accidents are caused by exhausted drivers. Instead of getting behind the wheel and endangering yourself, get an airport shuttle service or car service to get you to your home or hotel.

You can pre-book them for when your flight lands, so you won’t even have to deal with getting a car at the airport and can go straight to relaxing and beating that jetlag. The shuttles are operated by professional drivers, and they’re easy to book too. Your safety is ensured, and you get where you want to on time.

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Drink a Lot of Water

Long distances can cause travelers to become dehydrated, which makes jetlag worse. Proper hydration helps manage jetlag symptoms as well as travel fatigue. You can take an empty water bottle when you get past airport security and then fill it up for the long flight when you’re in the terminal. You can also purchase it there or ask for it directly on your flight.

Lights Can Help

Jetlag messes with your internal clock and either exhaust you or keeps you awake for longer. This is in part because of the light changes your body goes through when it enters different time zones. When you come out of the flight in the sunshine, your body reduces the release of melatonin, making you sleepy.

Exposing yourself to the morning light can help with the jetlag symptoms, especially when you’re traveling east. If it’s dark or nighttime when you’re traveling and you want to avoid feeling sleepy, you can use a special lamp to keep yourself awake. You can try the lights that are usually advertised for seasonal affective disorder.

Drink Caffeinated Beverages

According to a study, 300 mg of slow-release caffeine can increase alertness in a person whose eastbound. Consuming caffeine won’t cure it, but it can help you be more active during the daytime. Ensure the other ingredients, such as high sugar content in caffeinated drinks, before drinking any. You also don’t want to have difficulty when you do need to sleep. Moderate or avoid caffeinated drinks in the afternoon or in the evening. A combination of caffeine rush and jetlag won’t help in any way.

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Jetlag is horrible and probably the worst part about traveling long distances. Once you’re off the plane, the only thing you’d want is to get some rest. Begin that rest early by booking an airport shuttle service.

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