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How to Book an Airport Shuttle Fast

The first thing that often comes to mind when you book a flight or land at a new airport is the need to choose the right kind of transportation that’ll offer convenience, punctuality, and affordability. While most people tend to book private cabs and app-based rides to get to and from the airport, airport shuttles have been gaining significant popularity in terms of on-time departures and arrival, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. If you’re thinking of booking an airport shuttle from Orlando airport or Tampa airport, here’s a three-step guide to help you

Plan Your Trip

It’s almost impossible to book the right shuttle at the right time when your trip is unplanned. This can even make airport navigation more chaotic than it already is. Therefore, the first step should always be to plan your trip beforehand. In other words, note down your flight timings, hotel check-in or check-out times, meeting schedules (if any), and other factors that’ll determine where you need to go.

Once you have a fair idea of your trip, look up the airport shuttle service’s arrival and departure times online. If you’re taking a shuttle to or from Orlando or Tampa International Airport, check out our detailed airport shuttle schedule here. Highlight the timings that work for you according to your flight timings and plan your trip accordingly.

This will ultimately allow you to determine the right time to book a shuttle reservation.

Make an Online Reservation

We recommend making an online reservation to secure a seat at your preferred ride time. However, it’s not required. If there is space available on the shuttle, you can pay the driver with cash or credit card when you board; however, availability is not guaranteed.

While online reservations aren’t a must, they’re undoubtedly a plus because they allow you to book a seat of your preference at the preferred time. However, if you choose not to book a ride online, you can always board a ride with an empty shuttle space and make direct payments to the driver.

Online reservations are safer and guarantee that your seat is booked.

Board Your Ride

The last step is to board your shuttle. The ideal way is to arrive at least 10 minutes before the shuttle’s departure for a smooth and seamless boarding experience. Remember to read the company policies for when you’re boarding with or without a reservation or need to ride the shuttle service with children, luggage, or pets.

a charter van with black seats

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