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How to Choose an Airport Shuttle Service

Visiting a new city or country and not knowing where to go from the airport is an overwhelming experience. Many people hire private cabs to make it to their hotels. However, this isn’t a feasible idea when you’re on a budget and don’t have substantial familiarity with the routes.

Hiring a convenient airport shuttle service is an excellent way to prevent the hassle of finding the right transportation from the airport to the hotel. Whether you need Orlando airport transportation to the hotel or transportation from Tampa airport, here are a few things to look for when choosing an airport shuttle service.

Check Out Its Route

The primary goal of booking an airport shuttle service is to make it to your hotel from the airport on time. If this isn’t something the transportation company considers, you should go for another airport shuttle service that does. Visit their website and see how many stops they have. For instance, at TPA Shuttles, we’re known for offering first-class, on-ground transportation services from TPA to MCO and vice versa. Similarly, you can also make an online booking with us for Orlando or Tampa airport transportation.

The key is to look for an airport shuttle service that won’t waste your time and will ultimately simplify your transportation to your hotel.

Consider the Departure Timings

Every airport shuttle service has a designated number of times they pick up passengers from the airport. Therefore, when making a reservation, try to check when you’ll be able to hop on a shuttle at the earliest. This is a significant step toward planning the rest of your trip.

Our vans at TPA Shuttles offer up to sixteen rides from the airport daily, with two hours between every departure. A shorter break between departures is a good indicator of a reliable and trustworthy airport shuttle service.

Evaluate the Transport Costs

The key reason why many people prefer airport shuttle services instead of private cabs is that they offer better transportation at low fares. When choosing an airport shuttle service, evaluate their fares, compare their prices, and choose one accordingly.

Our shuttle services at TPA Shuttles always stand out because we charge only $50 per passenger regardless of their route or the prevailing traffic situation.

Look at the Baggage Guidelines

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Lastly, knowing how much baggage you can carry into a shuttle van is important. Airport shuttle services often have a flexible baggage policy. Remember to read through it carefully before determining the right shuttle service for you.

Our shuttle from Orlando airport is only $50/ride for passengers, even if you book it during rush hour. At TPA Shuttles, we’re committed to improving your travel experience with safety, comfort, and convenience.

We’re a leading Orlando airport shuttle service, serving as one of the best transportation from Orlando Airport to the hotel with easy booking and reservations. Click here to learn how to ride, or contact us to learn more today!

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