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How to Pack a Carry-On Bag

Traveling may be fun and adventurous. However, everything that goes into preparing for your trip isn’t so much fun. Packing bags the right way to ensure that you don’t exceed the luggage limit, save money, and board the shuttle and plane conveniently is a significant part of the process. Many people often rely on online tips and tricks to make sure they’re packing their carry-on bags perfectly to save some bucks on baggage fees. While reliable airport shuttle services have flexible policies for passengers boarding with luggage, feel free to use this guide to pack your carry-on bag for your upcoming travels.

Take the ‘Less is More’ Approach

A lot of people think they’ll need everything they have during their travels. As a result, they tend to pack excessively, making their luggage a lot heavier and inconvenient than it should be. Whether you’re traveling for a couple of days or a week, it’s important to know you don’t need 10 to 20 outfits and other items to travel.

The best way to pack is by adopting the ‘less is more’ approach, where you only pack the essentials that you can ultimately use for multiple days/occasions. If you’re struggling to determine what to pack and what to leave behind, try putting together multiple looks and outfits with the limited amount of clothes you’ve got. This will give you a fair and practical idea of what to add to your carry-on bag and what to leave out.

Occupy Dead Space

We often tend to ignore the dead space in our bags while packing for our trips. Dead space is the small spaces that our clothes, shoes, and accessories create when we fold and store them in a bag. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use that dead space.

For instance, if a pair of shoes has taken up a lot of space in your carry-on bag, you can always use their soles to store smaller items without adding to the carry-on bag’s weight. Similarly, the spaces on the sides of the folded clothes can also be utilized to pack electronic devices and other similar items.

Make The Best Use of Plastic Wrapping for Accessories

Accessories such as jewelry, watches, and wallets are difficult to pack in carry-on bags due to the limited space they offer. The best way to pack them is by wrapping them in plastic and storing them on the smaller sides of the bag.

This will make it easier for you to carry your bag while boarding your airport shuttle and the plane.

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