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How To Travel With Pets When You’re Flying To Florida

Your pets are your best friends who like to tag along with you wherever you go. It’s one of the reasons many pet parents don’t like the idea of traveling to another state when they have to leave their furry friends behind. When you’re traveling to Florida for work or vacation, there’s no reason why your pet shouldn’t experience everything the Sunshine State has to offer for both of you.

Today, there are different ways you can take your pup or cat to Florida for the ultimate holiday experience. While pet-friendly policies by air shuttle services from Orlando airport undoubtedly make this process easier, here’s a quick guide to flying to Florida with your four-legged friend.

Buy a Bigger Pet Carrier

Flying with a pet is a big decision and an even bigger responsibility. This process requires you to be mindful of your own belongings and those of your pet. Therefore, the first and the most important thing to do when trying to ensure your pet’s safety during the flight is to buy a spacious pet carrier.

This carrier shouldn’t be as compact as the crate you’d normally use for your cat or dog inside the house. Try purchasing a separate travel carrier that can easily accommodate your furry friend and give them substantial space to sit, stand, or lie down during the flight. A comfortable carrier will also be incredibly helpful if your pet experiences travel anxiety, especially when flying for long hours.

Make Sure Your Pet is Well-Fed

It can be challenging to carry your pet’s food on a flight and make arrangements to feed them in a chaotic environment. This will also make it stressful for your friend to eat their meal comfortably.

The key is to feed your pet well four or five hours before the flight. This way, they’ll be well-fed, and the food will be digested long before they hop on an airplane. Furthermore, make the best use of the airport relief area before the flight to help your pet do its business beforehand.

While feeding your pet early is a good idea, you can still choose to store their treats in their hand carry so that you can instantly offer their favorite goodies to them whenever they’re having trouble during the flight.

Book a Pet-Friendly Air Shuttle Service from Tampa or Orlando Airports

Booking on-ground transportation is just as essential as booking early flights when traveling with pets. Therefore, a part of your advanced arrangements should also include finding an airport shuttle service from the Orlando or Tampa airports with pet-friendly policies. At TPA Shuttles, we welcome service animals and pets onboard, as long as they’re in an effective carrier and don’t experience vehicle anxiety during road trips.

the seats of a charter van

You can now book our air shuttle services in Orlando and Tampa. As a leading provider of convenient airport shuttle services Tampa, we continue to facilitate passengers with affordable yet luxurious rides from Orlando and Tampa airports in our luxury charter vans. Feel free to learn how to ride here or contact us for more information today!

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