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If you’re a frequent traveler, you know that the most valuable tips and tricks are usually not the ones that can help score the rare cheap airfare, but rather the ones that save time on all trips. If you rent a car, the process of researching and choosing your rental can add considerable time (hours in most cases) to your trip once you arrive at your destination.

Over the last two years, numerous rental car companies have cut their fleet and staff, leading to car shortages and excruciatingly long lines at airports throughout the US.

However, there’s a simple trick that can cut the time you spend waiting in line at the car rental counter — book a Tampa Airport car rental online using TPA Shuttles.


TPA Shuttles is a locally owned and operated business and is committed to making your travel experience stress-free. If, for example, a shuttle is completely booked and you’re not able to ride at your preferred departure time, our drivers will request and pay for private rideshare between Orlando International Airport and Tampa International Airport.

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Book a relaxing ride online in less than a couple of minutes

Once you arrive at the airport, get yourself verified by showing your email confirmation to the driver, take a seat, and sit back until we arrive at your destination. If you didn’t book online, you can also pay with credit or cash when you board.

For any questions about our Tampa Airport car rental, check out our FAQ pages!

Plan your trip with TPA Shuttles


See arrival and departure times from Orlando International Airport and Tampa International Airport.


Our recommendation is to make an online reservation to secure a seat at your preferred ride. However, it’s not mandatory. If there’s space available on the shuttle, you can pay the driver with a credit card or cash when you board. However, availability isn’t guaranteed.

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If you plan on renting a vehicle during your stay, don’t look further than TPA Shuttles.

For an investment of two minutes, you’ll have a much easier car rental experience. Plus, you’ll almost certainly save at least that much time by avoiding the rental counter on your trip.

Do yourself a favor and reach out to TPA Shuttles now; we’ll ensure you spend an additional hour enjoying your vacation instead of standing in a line waiting to rent a car!

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