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Top 5 Reasons to Check Out Airport Shuttle Services over Car Rental

Anyone who’s ever traveled has worried about getting around the new place. If that’s you, you may be going back and forth between airport shuttle services and renting a car. People these days enjoy an airport shuttle service, a fact clear from the Airport Shuttle Operators industry’s $1.2 billion increase in market size in 2022. Here are some reasons you should take a shuttle instead of renting a car!

Less Hassle

You’ll have more luck reserving an airport shuttle service over a rental if you’re below 25; it’s possible but difficult. Rentals have a drawn-out process, while shuttle services have easy online booking systems. You can check the timings on booking websites and reserve a slot. Many shuttle services will even let you book last minute.

Easier Navigation

It isn’t easy to navigate a new place, and if you want to get to your airport on time, it’s better to rely on airport shuttle services. You’ll have to deal with returning the car and the extensive paperwork when you rent a car. Sure, there are many apps like WAZE or Google Maps, but there’s more to getting around in an unfamiliar place than meets the eye. Plus, airport shuttle services have local drivers, and no map can replace the knowledge a local has to offer!

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More Affordable

Shuttle services have a flat fee per person. For example, with TPA Shuttles LLC, you can travel on an MCO to TPA shuttle at $50/per person. On the other hand, if you rent a car, you have to pay the rent and other additional fees. Costs will also depend on the distance and the type of car you rent. Moreover, there are fuel costs to worry about. You’ll have to refuel the vehicle to the same level it was when you got it, or you’ll have to pay the local enterprise rate, which can be above the local pump price.

More Efficient

Many people travel for business, and they’re often short trips. Getting a shuttle service is much more efficient than renting a car. You don’t have to worry about parking, insurance, or car return. It also has a lot of space for a comfortable ride.

spacious airport shuttle

Glean Useful Information

If the city is new to you, you’ll have to rely on recommendations you see online. Why not just get that information directly from a local? The airport shuttle services have local drivers. Ask them for useful information like the best places to eat, attractions to see, and places to avoid. Nobody knows this information better than a local!

Ride Better With TPA Shuttles LLC

Do you want to try the airport shuttle service for yourself? Check out TPA Shuttles LLC. We provide affordable transportation services Tampa. Need a Tampa to Orlando airport shuttle? Or maybe it’s the other way around? Whether you want to reach MCO or TPA, we make sure you do it on time and in comfort. Our professional drivers will always prioritize your comfort and safety. We have luxury Mercedes-Benz vans and offer the most convenient airport shuttle service in Tampa.

You can check the timings on our website for MCO to TPA shuttle, reserve a shuttle for small to large groups, or contact us directly for more information.

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