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3 Must-See Cities in Florida

Also called the Sunshine State, Florida is the ultimate holiday hotspot for most families. Whether you need a break from the cold state you’re living in or need to experience some Disney magic at the country’s theme park capital, Florida has got it all. Its unique sights and hundreds of recreational activities are why most people prefer traveling to Florida, and not just in the summer, either!

Thanks to our affordable transportation from Orlando to Tampa, it’s now a lot easier to travel and explore some of the best cities in Florida. Here are three key cities you must check out.

Daytona Beach

If you’re into motorbikes and outdoor activities, Daytona Beach is just the right city for you to visit in Florida. It’s the hub of some of the most famous events worldwide, including the NASCAR and Daytona 500. Whether you’re a bike enthusiast or looking to meet more like-minded individuals, make sure you check out Daytona Beach and all the motorbike festivals it hosts for people like you all year.

Apart from being the most thrilling spot for bikers and racers, the recent development in the Daytona Beach area has also made it an extremely special holiday spot for families with children. With its serene beaches and high tides, the city offers an exceptional experience to anyone who likes Oceanside strolls and seeing some diverse marine life.


Another city that never disappoints anyone visiting Florida is Orlando. Also known as the theme park capital of America, Orlando is home to two of the most incredible amusement parks worldwide, including Disney Land and Universal Orlando. This is the perfect reason why the majority of tourists in Florida prefer exploring Orlando more than any other city.

Apart from its theme parks, Orlando is also a traveler’s favorite because of its proximity to other Florida cities like Tampa and Miami. Furthermore, you’re just a road trip away from the most exciting beaches of Florida when you’re in Orlando. Make sure you try its famous alligator jerky while you’re there.


Travelers who are all about the hustle and bustle of the city can always check out Tampa to experience everything it offers. Many people look at Tampa as just another sprawling city in Florida. However, once you visit the place, you’ll know how exciting it is to spend time there.

Despite being a busy city, Tampa is as scenic as an urban center can get. Furthermore, the city consists of two river banks, including the Hillsborough River and Tampa Bay, that everyone feels tempted to stop and check out.

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